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I am now a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, and can be reached at


Below is a list of goodies that I used to love to receive when I was living in Malawi. Perhaps another PCV you know would like a care package:

Trail mix
Wet wipes
Peanut M&M’s or other dark/milk chocolate (it shouldn’t melt)
Dried fruit (crasins, apples, pineapple, anything!)
Non-peanut nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts)
Grape jelly
Beef jerky
“Pilot G2 .38” pens
Parmesan cheese
Drink mixes
Little american snacks


*As a heads up, mail can take up to three or four weeks to arrive, while packages can take six to nine weeks. According to the Peace Corps literature I’ve read, numbering your letters and writing “Air Mail” on the envelopes is advisable. Additionally, small padded envelopes for packages are recommended if you are sending something small. Lastly, drawing religious symbols on the envelopes and packages may reduce the chance of them being tampered with*


4 thoughts on “Contact Me

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  2. Colleen Ream

    Hi Christina! Love, love, love reading your posts about this wonderful adventure you are on! What a gifted writer you are, and I know you are such a gift to the community! Thank you for sharing your life with us in this wonderful way! I gave all the boys homework which is to read your blog.:) Love, Colleen


  3. Anonymous

    xtina, Merry Merry xmas to you. Thinking of you always. Counting the days until you are stateside.
    Love, hugs and prayers, Aunt LB and DELF


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