Maize, nsima, bike taxis and iwes… What else is new?

Hello all,

Here are a few pictures from the past month of typical things that you might see in the villages around Malawi, or while in transport.Β Let me know if you have any questions!

A very typical scene in the village during the month of May. Women sit around on their “mphasa” mats, chatting and removing corn kernels from the cob. The kernels are then stored for the upcoming year and will be taken to the maize mill to make nsima.
Community members unload sacks of sweet potatoes at the main “tsika” (market) in Maganga. Vendors often purchase produce in different districts and truck them to Salima to sell at a higher price.
Classic kids playing in buckets with sharp objects. Two of these children are my counterpart’s sons and one is the boy that lives next door, also nicknamed “Chiri” like me!
This was at the funeral for the head teacher of the local primary school, who I had worked with before and whose daughter was in my Modern Malawian group. Pictured above is her friend helping to cook an enormous pot of nsima. The funeral took place in a the head teacher’s home village about 20 km from Maganga and over 200 people attended, including our Traditional Authority (mayor).
Visiting Chitipa in the far north. Pictured above is the soya pieces and tortillas we cooked and packed for lunch!
A village we hiked through in Chitipa
Traveling on a big “luxury bus” means you have enough space for both your child and your pot of nsima!
Riding on a bike taxi with my friend’s child in my lap, a back pack on my back and his car battery between my legs. For one hour… fun.
Surrounded by my favorite iwes! I’ll miss these guys.