Modern Malawian Celebration

A couple of Mondays ago marked the end of my longest lasting project, Modern Malawians. It was a program for primary school students that spanned 18 weeks and covered topics on healthy friendships, puberty, pregnancy, HIV, relationships, communication, decision-making, the importance of education, and more. The program followed an interactive curriculum, pushing students to take part in role plays, dramas, and discussions that do not normally happen in their overstuffed classrooms. In the end, twelve dedicated students graduated the program and I was one proud mama.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to those friends & family members that donated money for our celebration. You cannot imagine the joy it brought the graduates. My friend helped me cook three BUCKETS of food (rice, beans and cabbage), that were gone in literally 20 minutes. Aside from devouring two overflowing plates of food each like hungry wolves, the students also took time to draw out their goals and write down the steps they would be taking to reach those goals. They proudly recieved a certificate in addition to a small notebook for their studies. Seeing my students graduate the program after 18 weeks of lessons truly made me happy. In responses to an open-ended survey they took, many students responded that because of the program, they had changed. Many reported that they had become:

1) more self reliant
2) more likely to befriend those with good behavior
3) more committed to having healthy habits

Seeing these responses only magnified my joy. Though there were times throughout the program when only two students would show up and I felt like quitting, I realized it was all worth it. I hope those students will remember the lessons that my counterpart & I taught them and carry them throughout their teenage years.

P.s. I have lots of great pictures that I’ve been attempting to upload but I guess I’ll just have to wait for better service!

Here we go:
My amazing counterpart prepping the certificates

The kids devouring the food

Gift draws out his goals

The graduates and me

Gift and Linda

Falida bursts out in laughter as I take her picture of her & her goals


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