Lake of Stars: a brief blurb

For those curious about the aforementioned music festival, it was a three day event called “Lake of Stars” situated on the southern shore of Lake Malawi. The festival hosted a plethora of artists coming from Malawi and other African countries that sang on three different stages along the beach. The event itself was fun, but the best part was hanging out at the house we rented with fellow volunteers. In total, there were 80 PCVs and assorted travellers from Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Canada and more. Yes, 80! Yes, staying at one house. The lawn was very large and graciously housed a little tent city, while others slept in beds inside. During the day, we went swimming (it was right on the beach), did henna, face-painted, drank, cooked, played cards, and sun-bathed. There was always some fun activity to partake in! During the late afternoon, transport would arrive to take us to the festival. 80 people Γ· 3 trips = 26 people riding in the back of a truck for 40 minutes to the venue. Worries of whether you’d fall off were drowned out by the group’s carolling of classic songs such as Beyonce’s Irreplaceable and Cheerleader by OMI. Once we arrived at the festival, we danced, ate, watched the sun set and the moon rise, and then danced some more. It was a perfect four days.



One thought on “Lake of Stars: a brief blurb

  1. Laurie Bramhall

    Wow Miss C, what a fun time you had. Can I come along to the party??!!! I suppose you are back to your village now and “reality”. I can’t believe you have been there for 7 months already. I think of you often and please know you are loved and missed.
    The fall foliage is at its peak now. Your folks are overnight in VT. I wasn’t able to get there this (traditionally family) weekend. Boo hoo.
    Miss you much and thinking of you.
    Aunt L


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