Good Vibes

The past two days have been absolutely amazing. Before I arrived in Malawi, I stressed about the possibility of being lonely, depressed and too far removed from comfort. But those feelings have yet to arrive.

Yesterday, I received a fantastic package stuffed with all sorts of goodies and three page letter from one of my best friends. I was also visited by my Peace Corps “boss,” who I had the pleasure of introducing to my Malawian friends and counterparts. Hearing positive feedback from the community and those I’ve worked with was reassuring and encouraging. To top it off, I received a call saying that I’ve been selected to go to Senegal for a two-week malaria training in August! Lastly, I found a great chitenje with the help of some ladies in the market who thought my indecision at selecting something as commonplace as a chitenje was hilarious.

The good vibes continued into today when I received five letters from home! (Including one from my beloved fourth grade teacher, Mrs. H!) I also received eight applications for an “assistant youth group trainer” that I had advertised, which I am beyond excited about. (More details to come). Lastly, I’m about to go a neighbor’s house to learn how to cook tobwa, (a local corn-based drink which happens to be my favorite Malawian delicacy).

Not to brag, but life in Africa is pretty damn good. I feel so lucky to have such great friends and family back home supporting me and am so thankful for this experience. Miss you. Till next time.


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