Goats, babies and iwes.

10 Things I’ve Done The Past Few Weeks:


1). Explained to my curious neighbor that yes, in fact, all women (even azungus!) undergo menstruation. All in broken Chichewa.


2). Taught the iwes how to play duck-duck-goose. (This of course led to about 50 squealing children in my yard).


3). Went to a GOAT PARTY complete with loudspeakers, dancing, goats on leashes, and happy amayis. (Vulnerable families in the community had learned to raise goats through an NGO called Coopi. That day, they were passing off one of their offspring to another set of beneficiaries that would also learn animal husbandry).



4). Named a baby! I chose to name her Henniker after my beloved hometown, but the name has since morphed to ha-KNEE-kah. Close enough, right?


5). Been within three feet of a mask-wearing, machete-yielding Gule Wamkulu. These are “spirits” that come out of the forest during special ceremonies and events such as funerals. (I’m definitely going to write a post on my experience, so I’ll spare the details here).


6). Biked about 15 miles and back to pick up a package that has changed my life. My parents sent me a little camp stove that propels a fan and charges phones via thermoelectricity. No more fire fanning or failed attempts at making food! They also sent other amazing goodies like ~trail mix~ that I’m so thankful for!



7). Chicken-proofed the gate to my fence. I was incredibly happy to see carrots growing in my garden last week after plenty of watering and waiting. A few days later, however, they had been completely dug up by chickens! Hopefully the bastards won’t be able to access the replacement row now. (Other than carrots, a single tomato plant is also sprouting).


8). Attended and danced at a Malawian wedding! All while sporting a Malawian baby on my back.



9). Drank a fair share of my ginger bucket beer. I was going to explain the process here, but a good friend of mine beat me to it and wrote a great blog post on homemade wine/beer. I followed his recipe, which can be found here:  http://tales-from-malawi.blogspot.com/2015/06/diy-bucket-wine-beer-champaign-mead.html?m=1


10). Spotted a mouse in my house right next to my head as I was laying in bed. So disturbing.



That’s all for now, folks! Comment with questions if you have them. Miss you all!


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