Final Packing List

The past couple of days have been quite the whirlwind with my going away party, a trip to Boston for the Celtics game and a last sushi dinner with the fam. Thanks to everyone who has said goodbye! There have been plenty of sad farewells but I am ecstatic for tomorrow morning. Here is my final packing list! (Although I may try to stuff a few more things in between now and 6am).

Clothing & Accessories
1 raincoat
3 skirts
3 long-sleeve collared shirts
1 under armour hiking shirt
4 basic tanks
6 basic v-necks
3 sleep/workout tees
2 sleeveless collared shirts
3 blouses
1 blazer
5 pairs of leggings
1 pair of spanx
2 gaucho pants
2 long dresses
2 “culturally inappropriate” dresses
1 hoodie
1 fleece
3 sports bras
3 bandeaus
7 pairs of durable sport undies
4 pairs of favorite undies
8 pairs of socks
1 pair of thick hiking socks
1 one-piece bathing suit
2 pairs of sunglasses
1 red sox cap and 1 Nantucket cap
5 headbands
1 money belt

1 pair of hiking boots
1 pair of crocs
1 pair of flats
1 pair of tevas
1 pair of Nike flip-flops

Hobby stuff
1 harmonica
1 watercolor set w/ paintbrushes
1 set of charcoal pencils
1 set of colored pencils
1 mechanical pencil & lead
8 pens
5 drawing pens
1 game of Boggle
1 game of “Would Your Rather”
2 stationary sets with envelopes
1 guitar w/beginner’s book
1 Snapfish book of college pictures
1 NatGeo magazine
1 notebook
1 journal
1 drawing pad
1 pack of crayons
3 sharpies
1 fat marker

Household things/random
1 roll of tape
1 poster
2 world maps
1 NH map
1 calendar of New England
1 painting for wall decor
2 tapestries for wall decor
1 string of pennants for wall decor
1 pack of clothespins, safety pins, push pins
1 pair of scissors
1 pi phi arrow
1 can opener
10 packs of seeds (squash, chives, cilantro, pepper, basil, cucumbers, tomatoes)

2 gatorade flavoring squirters
1 pack of peanut m&m’s
1lb of trail mix
2lbs of raisins
1 pint of homemade NH syrup!

110 probiotic capsules
1 pack of stool softeners
1 pack of flossers
3 months of feminine products

Rugged stuff
1 survival strap bracelet
1 bandana
1 super absorbent towel
1 utility knife
1 roll of duct tape
1 leatherman
1 whistle and carabiner
1 bungee cord
1 compass
1 Go Girl (Shout out to my BFF for this quite interesting product)
2 expandable water bottles
1 tent
1 sleeping bag
$800 cash

Electronics & related accessories
2 Luci lights
1 bug light
1 rechargeable headlamp
3 pairs of cheap earbuds
8 extra earbud covers
1 battery powered alarm clock
1 watch
1 electronics cleaning cloth
1 pack screen protectors
1 Droid Maxx & Otterbox case
1 old iphone 4s as a backup
1 little Netbook
1 kindle
1 Canon Rebel t3i with lenses, camera bag, SD cards, accessories
1 Rockout Rechargeable speaker
1 Goal Zero Guide 10 Solar Kit
1 SanDisk Clip Sport mp3
1 external hard drive

1 bottle of my favorite lotion
3 month supply of shampoo & conditioner
1 bottle dry shampoo
1 bottle face wash
1 container of Tums
2 little bottles of hand sanitizer
1 bottle of moisturizer
8 months supply of BC
1 mini mirror
1 pack of hair elastics
1 pair of nail clippers
2 sticks of deodorant
4 disposable razors
1 reusable razor and extra blade
1 stick of lipstick
1 mirror

Me carrying all my luggage and literally dying while my dad figures out how to function my camera…


Another luggage shot:


Photobomb! Courtesy of Chris Baum.


Luggage update!!

Unfortunately I had to check my guitar to Philly and am praying that the hard case I bought will provide sufficient protection. Side note: one of my strings broke last night and I forgot to buy extras so that is a reaaall bummer. Thankfully, my mom has offered to send me some tomorrow, meaning they might arrive in a month. Guess my journey to becoming a rock star will have to be postponed.


My checked bag was 1lb over. Although the pound of candy immediately flashed before my eyes as an easy way to reduce weight, I couldn’t bear to part with my M&M’s so I took out a hiking boot and tied it to my carry-on. The bag already has toothbrushes, watercolors and maybe even some underwear sticking out of it, so what’s a random boot to it?

Now, I’m waiting in the Manchester airport, trying to tame my excitement over the upcoming staging event. Saying goodbye to everyone has been so sad (especially my family), but it’s more of a “see you soon” than a true goodbye, right?


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