10 Things You Now Know About Malawi

My mom has been full of “helpful” suggestions the past few weeks.

“You should cut your long hair before you go. You should try cleaning your room more. You should pack more letter-writing materials.” And of course, “You should just stay here…”

While I don’t agree with all of her propositions, she did also suggest that I post some facts about Malawi for curious readers. Therefore, here are a few basic facts and some interesting tidbits for my followers (~celeb status!~):

  • The country is roughly the size of PA
  • Lake Malawi is roughly the size of NH (<– coincidence that attended college in PA and live in NH…? I think not…)
  • Gained independence from British rule in 1974
  • Current government: Multiparty Democracy
  • Majority of Malawians are Christian (82%)
  • 47% of the population is below the age of 15! Check out the population pyramids below to see the drastic differences in age structure between Malawi and the US. Crazy!

MI_popgraph%202014 US_popgraph%202014

  • The average woman has a baby by age 19 (a number that will hopefully be increased due to a new law banning child marriage)
  • Average life expectancy is 60 years
  • 1 in 10 people are living with HIV/AIDS
  • Agricultural sector employs 80% of the population

Clearly, this isn’t a comprehensive overview of Malawi, but some facts that I found interesting. Most of the info came from the World Factbook  which derives its data from surveys, censuses, etc. Another helpful site that has more culturally-oriented information is Our Africa if you’re interested in learning more!




And a couple GIFs for fun…

When friends & family continually stuff me with my favorite foods:


When I think about arriving in Malawi in less than a week:



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