Packing My Life Away

What would you pack if you were headed to Africa for two years?

In order to answer this question myself, I have perused many blogs & recommended packing lists. Still, it’s hard to determine which items I will cherish and which ones I will rarely use because everyone values various comfort items and has different experiences abroad. For about a month, I have been slowly gathering items, wondering if I am forgetting anything vital. Will there be enough toilet paper?? Do I need a machete?? How much hand sanitizer is too much??  I have also done quite a bit of shopping for durable clothing, new electronics, kitchen gear, etc).  According to the Peace Corps, we are allowed to bring two 50lb bags, a carry-on bag, and a personal item. However, because I have decided to bring my new guitar (shout out to the Titcomb family for the gift!), it will count as one of the 50lb bags. Therefore, I am left with only one bag under 50lbs, one carry-on backpack and one personal item. So far, this is what I have set aside to pack:

(Yes, everything is classified and labeled!). Right now, I’m feeling pretty good about the amount of stuff I have gathered. While the process has been tedious and challenging, it definitely has allowed me to cleanse my room and closet. Below are all the clothes I donated:

What has surprised me most about my packing is actually the number of electronics I am bringing. Although I probably won’t have electricity, many past & present PCV’s (Peace Corps Volunteers) recommend bringing a laptop, speakers, phone and other small electronics for entertainment purposes. While it may be difficult to safeguard them, I think having these electronics will be very beneficial. When my packing is completed in 18 days, I intend to write a full list of everything I’m bringing which will hopefully be useful to future volunteers.

P.S. If you’re interested in getting an annoying yet informative & humorous song stuck in your head about the downsides of PC life, feel free to check out this video by past PCVs- Poop in a Hole.


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